Our Approach

Workflow & Demarcation Design Equipment Selection Preparation of tender documents Submission Approval Testing and Commissioning

Workflow & Demarcation Design

Provision of kitchen & laundry demarcation plans.
Plans of workflow for kitchen & laundry, functional area and related space.
Prepare M&E loading estimation by area.
Prepare and submit for approval, a kitchen & laundry equipment budget by area.

Equipment Selection

Provision of plans regarding kitchen & laundry equipments and equipment list based on above equipment layouts including information of equipment description, item numbers and quantities.
Submit the concept drawings for the custom-made equipments in open kitchen.

Preparation of tender documents

Assist client in their responsibility for preparing documents required for approval by Local Hygiene Bureau having jurisdiction over the Project.
Provide identifying equipment layout, building condition plans, plumbing/electrical connection plans, exhaust hood requirements, open kitchen elevations and supplemental drawings.
Provide technical tender documents.

Submission Approval

Approval to the submitted drawings by contractor and provide review reports to client.
Evaluation and approval to the technical modification, including contractor’s construction schedule and provide review reports to client.

Testing and Commissioning

Assist client to inspect the testing and commissioning of equipment installed.
Submit to client a report on the defects found.
Approve the as-built submission and Operation & Maintenance Manual submitted by the contractor.